Chile, Land of Opportunity

The following is a translation of an article published in Capital Magazine, the leading business publication in Chile.

Chile, what a great and diverse country: Easter Island, Patagonia, The Andes, The Inca world. If you are scratching your head thinking “Easter Island ??, Patagonia ??, The Inca world???, all belonging to Chile????”, you are not alone. In fact, the level of ignorance about the wonders of the country explain that on a world-wide level, only one out of 300 international flights longer than six hours arrive in Chile.

“It’s because we are so far”, has been the historical excuse. Wrong answer, since countries like New Zealand, which are equally distant from the northern hemisphere receives one out of 40 of these flights and South Africa receives one out of 20.

Puedes leer el documento completo aquí

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