Welcome to Fitzroy


We provide an integrated and personalized service for our customers, guiding them in their investment decision-making and maximizing resource use at the project evaluation, implementation and operation stages.

We advise owners of hotel and real estate, second home, leisure and free time projects, mixed projects, developers, investors, investment funds, national and international hotel chains, banks and institutions and other customers regarding strategy, investment, development and financing.

From the very beginning we have encouraged knowledge, promotion, development and investment in the tourism sector across all Chile and Latin America.

We clearly understand our country and the region, its people and the sector, given that since we began we have planned national parks in Patagonia, designed hotels in unique locations, studied the impact of large energy projects, recovered the heritage of historic properties, organized exclusive travel to remote destinations, among many other projects.

We have been visionaries, highlighting the importance of internal efforts in order to promote our country. Therefore, we have shared this vision with international audiences in many events, such as HOLA, SAHIC, WTTC, WTO, and MIPIM, among others.



Our vision is to support and promote investment in tourism across Chile and Latin America, because we believe in its growth potential. We want to be a leading company and continuously develop, because we believe that the tourism industry is a tool that enables countries to decentralize, generate wealth, generate employment and promote business.


FITZROY supports its customers throughout the entire project process, in order to identify the solutions that best suit each requirement. Then we analyze and formulate an appropriate strategy for each solution, so that our value chain matches our customer’s value chain.

Our Team

Hernán Passalacqua G.
Hernán Passalacqua G.CEO
Business Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, MBA from Imperial College, London. He worked for three years in the Chilean financial sector at the Consorcio Group and in the insurance market at Lloyds of London. He has been dedicated to the tourism and real estate market for the last 15 years, where he has been managing large-scale projects. In April 2002 he was appointed Chairman of the Tourism Commission at the College of Engineers. He led the tourism plan for Sebastian Piñera’s government and is a delegate to the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC). Hernán attends and speaks at annual international seminars, such as SAHIC, HOLA, MIPIM and WTTC, which keeps his network up to date and keeps him abreast of new trends in the industry.
Jorge Prieto
Jorge PrietoDirector
Civil Industrial Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He was CEO at The Singular Hotels from 2009 to 2012. He was CEO at Almacruz from 2004 to 2009. This group includes the Santa Cruz Hotel, the Colchagua Museum, the Galerías Hotel and the Wine Train, among others. Previously, he worked for Navimag Ferries in Patagonia, as Operations and Services Manager. He was Development Manager for Holiday Inns in Chile and Argentina from 1994 to 1999. He is currently a Director of the Chilean Hoteliers Association.
    Juan Pablo Eyzaguirre C.
    Juan Pablo Eyzaguirre C.Analyst
    Civil Engineer from Universidad de Los Andes. He started his career in 2014 as Site Manager at Inarco. He is now a Hotel and Real Estate Projects analyst at Fitzroy.